Tales of the Macabre

by Cosmic Horror

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Supernaut I know this came out in 2015 but it is really awesome. I downloaded for free but just paid for it so I could leave a comment. I can't stop listening to this and cannot wait until more material comes out! Get it now!! Cosmic Horror!! Favorite track: Cult of R'Lyeh.
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Cosmic Horror - Tales of the Macabre (EP)

Nicolas D. - Guitar/Vocals
Matias Ricco - Bass
Esteban Pontoriero - Guitar

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released June 7, 2015



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Cosmic Horror Portland, Oregon

Cosmic Horror is an Argentinian/American band that combines Slam Death Metal with Black Metal formed in February of 2001. Its members are Matias Ricco on bass, Esteban Pontoriero on guitars and Nicolas D on vocals and guitars. Based on the literary subgenre created by the writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Cosmic Horror’s lyrics deal with stories inspired in cosmic terror. ... more

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Track Name: Cult of R'Lyeh
Kneel before their might
Symbols hanging from the necks
Ancient spell of madness
To invoke a forgotten terror
No one can escape from beneath
Immersed in nightmares and despair
The rites will make them rise
And you would wish you soon be dead

The priests raise their hands
towards the Fiercely hypnotic structure of...

Cult of R’lyeh
Legion of the undead are awake
A roar emerges from the depths
Rumbling as a raging thunder
They’re ready for the sacrifice
To access the spheres of the unknown
The throne is ready to be taken
By he who rules all dimensions

Raise the knife towards the sky
See the blade shining in the night
Sink it in the flesh and watch how flows
The blood that’ll guide you to the jaws of...

To your knees

Praise the gods or die
Trapped in a universe of shadows
Feel the claws ripping
The veil of your existence

The Throne of Cthulhu will reign
Track Name: De Vermis Mysteriis
Terror - verum est
Fusce metus profundi
Somnium adducere
Visionibus strages eduntur
Atramentum mors est
Ad malum vitantur liber
Scriptum blasphemia
Sanguis, pellis et ferrum

Ignotus arcanum dementia
De morte aenigma
Revelata sunt litteras
Damnatam per mania
Vocate ignotum horror
Amplecti sordibus deum
Donec sanguis putrida

Ritus mysteria mortuis
In flamma ascendit spiritus eius

Unum bestia distant aeons
Invisibilem lamia
Deformis millibus maxillis
Humanum sanguis eorum dementia
Lamia infelix victima
Immoto corpus ruptus
Sanguis cluserit ostium
Ut curiose aperuit

Tibi, Magnum Innominandum, signa stellarum nigrarum et bufaniformis sadoquae sigillum
Track Name: It Came With The Storm
Before time
And before the stars breed light
There was something
In emptiness

I’ve been summoned from beyond
With fire and rain
Desolation will plague the earth
When I tread upon your fate
Nothing can escape from me
When I impose my domain

Watch it descends from above
While it rides the thunders of a black sky
An open gate to extinction, a monster older than time
It came with the storm

I have crossed the multiverses
Before your sun was born
Constellations flows through me
There is nothing I can not be
There is nothing that can be me
I exist in everything and nothing

Watch it descends from above
While it rides the thunders of a black sky
An open gate to extinction, a monster older than time
It came with the storm

I am immortal
I am eternal

That is not dead Which can eternal lie
and with strange aeons even death may die
Track Name: Dunwich Massacre
Madness - Scraping the edge of reality
Despair – Your nerves are about to crack
Something is chasing you, unknown and unseen
Feel his breath peels the skin of your neck

A Cold wind freezes the sweat of your back
Trapped within the colors of the night
Drain your blood is his own desire
Shivering until your eyes roll up to white.

Rise and scream his name
Written on the black starry sky

Dunwich – Your soil is soaked in blood
Terror – Shrouds the ruins of this forsaken town
Nothing can stop this crawling chaos
Summoned from beyond where darkness reigns

Transcending the notions of time
He’s the one in all and all in one
Feast upon the fears of men
Quenching the thirst of a desire

Rise and scream the name
Who lurks where your sight can’t reach

Vanished into a darkness
Where skin turns pitch black
Take the book of shadows
Find the name and bring it back again

Death lays beneath the ruins
smell the stench of Blood